It's just a dream, Alice.
They keep telling me it's all in my head, believe me I wish it was.

Madness isn't a state of mind. Madness is a place. Let's go there, shall we?

"Come now, Alice, it’s only a dream.

It’s not a dream, it’s… a memory. And it makes me sick!”


Alice in Neverland


Ruby leant forward in disguist and smirked deviously. “No” her answer was plain and simple. “I will not be treated in such a manner” she laughed hotly. “Good luck Alice” She smirked before beginning to walk away.

"I see.."Her voice was low and smooth. Alice sighed and chose to ignore Ruby. Liddell suppressed the impulse to arguing with her, telling herself there was no point and also circumstances were not suitable. Alice had no time to deal with the girl and she was unable to fight with her. 

Tilting her head slightly, she gave the smallest of smiles. Suddenly, her piercing olive green eyes saw her backpack. She smirked. Silently Liddell walked toward her and took her. "I wish you nothing but the best,"she said, "and farewell, my dear.”Alice winked at her, gave a small laugh and walked away in undefined direction.

Alice in Neverland


"Ah so similar to me" he said grinning "Alright, whatever you say, Dearie. But don’t make this too difficult for me"


With the snap of her fingers the written contract and a feather appeared in her hand. It was not a magic. No, it was a just simple trick that she had learnt. Alice gave him the feather.

Dylan had been sneaking around the jungle when he saw the unfamiliar girl. The last new girl he'd approached had frozen his arm so he held back and watched her.
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"Show yourself. There’s no use in hiding, darling!" Alice was mocking, daring whoever it was to face her. "I promise I won’t bite.."the green-eyed girl spoke softly, but after a second she whispered quietly ”..hard.”and smirked.

Stepping out from between the trees he looked at the girl closer. She looked like a lost one for sure. “Hello” Nodding in greeting he put his hands in his pockets leaning back against a tree.


"That is much better,"she stated when the unknown boy stepped out from the shadows. "Hello there,"Alice greeted him as well, "And you are?" she asked him, raising an eyebrow in wonder and smiled deviously.

Alice in Neverland


"None of your belongings will be here" she backed away slightly. "You’re in Severland now, and there is no way out" she smiled. "You’re stuck here like the rest of us, and the only chance ypu have of living is if you take my kind offer. Not many people will offer strangers assistance" Ruby stood up offering her hand out to the girl. "You can take it or stay there all day princess"   image

 ”Severland?”Alice repeated in wonder. She had never heard about this land. The girl gave a bark of mocking laughter. "Stuck? Oh, dear Ruby, I’m not stuck. I can get out whenever I want with a snap of my fingers." she stated. Indeed Alice could get out from here thanks to her ability which she was determined to prove it. She smirked. Alice raised a hand and snapped with her slender fingers, but nothing happened. Something was wrong. Why she had not teleported? The self-satisfied smile disappeared from her face. Alice frowned. "That bitch! She tricked me! Ugh.. I swear to God when I get out from this bloody place she is going to beg me to kill her!”She spat. The anger has gripped her completely. 

"Lead!"Alice said sharply catching Ruby’s hand.